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Jingdezhen Kiln Glaze Green Tea Cup | Ceramic Tea Cups

Jingdezhen Kiln Glaze Green Tea Cup | Ceramic Tea Cups

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Make your tea time even better with this green tea cup from Jingdezhen. Coated with beautiful glaze, offering a unique way to enjoy your favorite beverage!  Sip in style and get ready to discover a new way to enjoy tea. 


Size: H 6 cm, Dia 6.2 cm
Capacity: 100 ml
Origin: Jingdezhen, China 


If you prefer drinking old tea such as Pu'er, we recommend trying our purple clay teapot paired with Jingdezhen vintage tea cups.

Want to learn how to make the perfect green tea to fill your favorite green tea cup? Check out our latest blog post: How to Make Green Tea and discover the best brewing techniques and tips to ensure a smooth and flavorful cup every time!

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