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White Ceramic Vase | Stunning Floral Display

White Ceramic Vase | Stunning Floral Display

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1. The vase is made of high-quality ceramic materials, handmade, healthy and environmentally friendly, durable and does not fade.

2. Functional home accessories: It can be used for home decoration, sculpture decoration, indoor and outdoor flower pots, vases, shooting props, and can also be used for DIY painting decoration. They can be used for weddings, decorations, events, home decor and indoor or outdoor displays.

3. Whether in the yard, or in the room, living room, balcony, you can enjoy such a wonderful garden decoration.

Material: Ceramic
Color: beige
Packing list: 1 * Ceramic vase
M, L 14.7 cm, H 16.7 cm
L, L 21.5 cm, H 24.2 cm
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