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Picnic Basket | Stunning Outdoor Adventure

Picnic Basket | Stunning Outdoor Adventure

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The Multifunctional Folding Bucket is an elegant yet practical solution for all your picnicking needs. With a multifunctional design, this folding bucket is as versatile and stylish as it is functional, perfect for trips to the beach, park, and more. Crafted with exquisite attention to detail, this sophisticated picnic basket will make a stunning addition to any outdoor adventure.



Temperature Range: 0-100

Material: PVC


Square: 28*28*16 cm, 13L, 0.25 kg


Dia 25 cm, H 21 cm, 10L, 0.21 KG

Dia 33 cm, H 25 cm, 20L, 0.31 KG


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