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Fluffy Carpet | Perfect for Cozy Homes

Fluffy Carpet | Perfect for Cozy Homes

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Experience the alluring luxury of the Fluffy Carpet, offering your bedroom a touch of sophistication and exclusivity. This ultra-soft and plush carpet is beautifully crafted with exceptional quality and attention to detail, making it the perfect addition to any stylish home.

Unlike their shaggy counterparts, fluffy carpet has short, densely arranged fibers that offer a velvety, underfoot feel. It is ideal for areas of the home that experience light traffic.



Wash Style: Hand Wash

Use: Home, HOTEL, Bedroom, Decorative, Toilet, Kids room

Technics: Machine Made

Soft Plush Carpet: Soft Plush Carpet

Shape: Round

Material: 100% Polyester

Fluffy Carpet: Fluffy Carpet

Anti-slip Floor Mat: Anti-slip Floor Mat

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