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Dining Room Pendant Light | Less is More

Dining Room Pendant Light | Less is More

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Transform your dining room with our Modern Dining Room Lamps, featuring a lively orange hue that infuses your space with the radiant energy of happiness and the enchantment of joy. This cheerful luminaire captures the cozy essence of a sunset, casting a warm, welcoming glow that fosters creativity and warmth in your dining area. The lamp's sleek chrome finish adds a touch of sophistication, beautifully complementing the lively orange shade. Elevate your dining experience with this radiant fixture and savor the delightful fusion of style and emotion it creates. Its versatile design is equally suitable for offices, living rooms, and restaurants, allowing your creativity to shine across various settings.

  • High color reproduction, bright and pure
  • No flicker, energy saving and eye protection
  • Baking paint process, the surface is like a mirror, classic and durable 


Material: Aluminium

Source: E27

Process: baking paint

Space: 10-15 ㎡

Dimension: D45/60 cm, H 150 cm (adjustable)


Enchance your dining room's atmosphere with the bold statement of our FLOS 2097/50 Industrial Chandelier, available alongside our dining room pendant light. 

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