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How to Decorate a Living Room

how to decorate a living room

If life is compared to a puzzle, then the high-end design, clothing, and appearance may only be regarded as some parts of the puzzle, and the high-end sense of taste is the whole picture.

Advanced taste does not lie in the accumulation of materials, but in finding inner love and freedom. "High-end sense" is not only reflected in the appearance, but also in the details. It is a way of life and attitude towards the world.

The sense of high-level is usually low-key and comfortable, with a kind of restraint and calmness of external desires, as well as the release and expression of the inner self. A high-end home perfectly integrates inner temperament and outer aesthetics through the accumulation of details.

How to achieve a more advanced and comfortable life by adjusting simple details? Whether you're interested in fashion or design or not, there are definitely clever tricks that can significantly enhance your life in the simplest of ways.


Decoration Collection of Koh-Hsien 

artfully walls

The so-called fashion accessories may not be consistent with your preferences and tastes. But since it is a private space, why not use it to place items that have emotional value to us and make us feel happy when we see it?

Whether it is colorful decorations, souvenirs brought back from travels, or photos full of memories, carefully collected art. As long as it gives you a sense of comfort and peace of mind, it's worth staying at home. 

You can use them to create a visual focal point, and these cherished items can instantly brighten up the entire space. Whether it’s bottles and cans on a decorative shelf or a group of sculptures by the floor-to-ceiling window.

collection decor

Try to leave the rules of interior design behind and add items that suit you, bring a sense of belonging, and have spiritual meaning and emotional value for us.

Most importantly, decorate your personal space with things you love. The stories carried by objects are the key to making a home rich and textured. 

artfully walls


Use Elegant and Cute Containers



Daily life requires many dining utensils. You don’t need to spend too much to buy a beautiful dinner plate or tea cup, which can bring a wonderful experience to your life whether you use it to drink tea or coffee, to hold dinner and snacks, or to drink cocktails at night.

dinner plates

Many times, even if it is just a simple dish or snack, as long as you put a little thought into it and carefully arrange it on an elegant ceramic plate set, you will instantly have the feeling of haute cuisine, and the taste will also become wonderful.

ceramic plate

Likewise, whether you are drinking coffee with milk or tea with red wine, a beautiful and elegant bone china tea cup or a clear and charming glass wine glass. These exquisite and lovely containers will bring a sense of ritual to life, making ordinary daily meals instantly full of charm. 

tea cups
No need to buy a whole set, just what you need for daily use. Whether you see cute containers in homeware stores or online, as long as you keep them in your collection, you can fill your life with warm little blessings. 


wooden dinner plates



Design Pleasing Corners

pleasant corner

Even if the overall layout is difficult to change, you can still improve the quality of life and space atmosphere by creating pleasing parts.

Everyone needs time and space to spend time with themselves, and a place where they can relax and unwind. Consider setting aside a corner for yourself in your home and furnish it with a blanket, corner chair, books, and scented candles.

corner chair

pleasant corner decor

You can also add soft fabrics to inject texture and warmth into the space, wrap up all fatigue and emotions, and create a sense of ritual for life. 

corner design

In addition, you can also design interesting corners. Side tables or low cabinets are suitable for displaying charming collections: such as a bedroom bedside, a designed wall lamp, flowers and exquisite photo frames can create a sophisticated and attractive space. 

In the bathroom, soft bath towels, exquisite bath salts and vase flowers can also make the body and mind happy. Even just a hanging painting, paired with exquisite utensils and flower arrangements, can bring out a picturesque mood.


In short, using ingenuity to create some exquisite and lovely corners in your home will not only make the space full of interest, but also make life full of surprises.


Materials with Pure Texture

Pure Texture

Many people tend to focus on visual effects and ignore the importance of materials in home decoration. However, professional interior designers usually recommend that you pay attention to the materials of items that you often touch.

Pure Texture
Pure Texture

The so-called "high-end sense" is the result of the collision of materials, shapes and colors. Therefore, the material of things that are often touched is very important.

For example, in the kitchen or bathroom, pay more attention to hardware accessories. Even if you cannot own high-end cabinets or sanitary ware for the time being, faucets and handles of excellent quality will give you a comfortable and smooth use experience. 

In the living room or bedroom, it is best to choose natural, pure and comfortable fabrics such as sofas, seats, carpets, sheets, etc. that are natural, pure, and comfortable, such as pure cotton, linen, or silk.

Excellent texture will bring unparalleled enjoyment and make life full of the happiness of being cared for.


Create Ambience and Captivating Light

Captivating Light

Giving a space a high-end feel doesn’t require expensive materials or special designs. You can create a unique atmosphere and use special lighting, color, reflection and other matching techniques to achieve a sense of luxury.

On a daily basis, we tend to overlook the importance of light. In fact, when experiencing a space, light plays a vital role and can even determine the success or failure of a space to a large extent.

ambience light

As magical magicians, light and shadow can bring light and darkness, adding rich expression to a space. If natural light cannot be introduced through glass windows, the design and selection of artificial lighting is particularly important to maintain the indoor light and shadow atmosphere.

You can consider enriching lighting methods, such as reducing the visual proportion of the main light and adding auxiliary light sources.

string light

For example, ceiling lamps provide overall lighting, floor lamps and wall lamps bring a soft atmosphere to the space, and projection lamps or table lamps are used in areas that require accent lighting to create a rich visual effect. 

pendant light


Plants that add Natural Freshness


Indoor planting has always been a great way to add color to your home and connect with nature.

You can start with easy-to-grow plants like pothos, hanging baskets or succulents, monstera. These vibrant plants not only improve the atmosphere of the space, but also add a natural flavor to the room, making you feel relaxed, comfortable and full of vitality.

indoor plants


If you don’t have time to take care of plants that require careful care, then simply adding a few flowers or fresh cut branches in a vase can embellish the space and create a relaxing, fresh and charming atmosphere. 


If paired with solid wood furniture or cotton and linen fabrics, they can inadvertently echo each other, exuding a low-key, restrained but interesting natural atmosphere.

You can also place a deck chair on the terrace or place the seats by the window to enjoy the view, so that the natural landscape becomes part of the scenery of your home.


Classic Design Furniture

Your home does not need an overly expensive set of furniture. Just one or two pieces of high-quality classic furniture can easily increase your sense of happiness, brighten the entire space, and create an elegant atmosphere.

The classic design passed down from generation to generation can be cleverly integrated into any atmosphere in the home.

The so-called classic design is often reflected in the comprehensive synthesis of form and function. Only furniture that truly integrates practicality and appreciation and has stood the test of time can be called a classic.

Classic furniture includes both time-honored pieces and the genius creativity of well-known designers, as well as excellent original creations by local designers. These furniture strive to be the ultimate in design, material selection, production technology, functionality and comfort. 

Each of these furniture classics that have been passed down through the years embodies profound history, culture and craftsmanship. They are not only popular in the past and present, but will also become classics in the future and are worth collecting.

You can choose one or two pieces of classic furniture that appeal to you the most, and while using them, you can feel the sense of quality that the design brings to your life.


Choose a Restrained and Low-key Color Scheme

Bright colors have instinctive appeal, while low-saturation colors reduce the impact on emotions and bring a sense of luxury: meaning there is no need to sensationalize, but still exude unique charm. 

The same is true in life. The more you have, the more you try to escape from complexity, and your attitude changes from "wanting more" to "this is fine."

And "minimalism" and "restraint" are the essence, which means "simplifying the form and highlighting the inner part." The deeper meaning of this choice is a more profound and advanced self-identity. 

Therefore, if you want to create a sense of high-end, you might as well try subtracting colors, restraining the use of colors while reducing saturation. Neutral colors such as black, white and gray and Morandi colors have a more lasting beauty. 

Regardless of the neutral tones of black, white and gray, or the combination of low-saturation colors, they can coexist gently and harmoniously with each other, showing a water-like spiritual comfort in the restrained low-key.


Habit of Organizing Regularly

If things are reduced without reducing space, you cannot have your cake and eat it too. Everything you own takes up space in your home. In the end, even a large house will be overwhelmed.

You can try to follow the 80/20 life philosophy: keep your home space no more than 80% full, leaving 20% flexibility. Using up all the space, like overeating, will always make you uncomfortable.

For your own life, you can slowly cut out the complex and simplify it, and think clearly about what you want, what is most important and what is difficult to give up.

Try to reserve storage space for items. This will not only make it easier to access, but also make it clearer where the items are full. And every time you feel the urge to buy something new, reflect on where you put it. If you don’t have a clear answer, give up for now.

Every once in a while, revisit and organize your space. Learn to make subtractions in life, reduce useless items and redundant elements. Only when the space remains pure and spiritual can it remain flexible.


Mix and Match Items from Past and Present

Home should be inclusive. Traces of life and emotional memories are the best decoration of a home. Therefore, instead of cutting-edge designs that follow the trend, you might as well add more classic items with a nostalgic feel to your home.

Compared with perfection, the imperfect qualities that have been baptized by time are a more tolerant beauty. 

If there are antique furniture passed down from ancestors or old objects found, they can be integrated into the home decoration through careful matching. The quiet and lasting power seems to condense time and memory invisibly.

Objects of different styles and eras carry eclectic stories, blending tradition and avant-garde. They are both functional and comfortable, evoke nostalgia for the past life, and give stories to the home.

Inheriting classics does not mean remaining unchanged. Sometimes clever combinations and contrasts can achieve a clever bridge between classic and modern, not only retaining the old times, but also giving birth to new stories.

Home is like our heart, reflecting everything in the world within easy reach. As long as you put some thought and careful management, it can not only bring beauty and charm to the space, but also bring comfort and enjoyment to the soul.

When everything in the home is warm, pleasant, comfortable and beautiful, it not only represents the inner pursuit of quality, but also permeates the call for a better life.

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