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Glass Vases | Celestial Glass Blooms

Glass Vases | Celestial Glass Blooms

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Add a touch of beauty and elegance to your home with glass vases. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, these vases are versatile enough for use as centerpieces or accent pieces for table settings. They can also be used for a wide range of decorative elements, including real or faux flowers, branches, and other natural items.

Glass jug vases feature a classic design that's ideal for creating a decorative tabletop display. They're commonly used for real or silk flower arrangements, but they can also be filled with other items like decorative rocks and shells. These vases are typically made with clear glass, so the colors and textures of the other materials will stand out against the transparent backdrop.

A tall glass vase is a popular choice for holding large, lush floral arrangements. Fill them with roses for an elegant arrangement or greenery and hydrangeas to create a casual centerpiece for your dining or coffee tables. For a more festive look, try decorating yours with holly branches for the holidays or tulips in the spring.

For a more modern touch, consider a bud vase with a narrow neck that holds single stems or small bouquets. These vases are commonly made with clear glass, but they're also available in a selection of tints. 

Explore our exquisite collection of vases, from classic glass designs to unique pieces like our strawberry vase.



Material: Glass

Color: Transparent

Size: Height about 15-17cm / 5.90''-6.69''. 

Package: 1PC

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