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Ceramic Plate Set | Zen Tea Set

Ceramic Plate Set | Zen Tea Set

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After being fired in the kiln for the second time at a high temperature of more than 1300 degrees, the glaze of this ceramic plate set is delicate and smooth, easy to clean, and healthy and safe to use. 

Multiple uses. When you pick up this ordinary utensil in life, you will feel the beauty of the long-lost warm utensil.

Visual enjoyment. This ceramic fruit plate has fine porcelain and can be paired with fruit snacks, etc. It is suitable for gatherings with family and friends in daily life. If you would love to drink Oolong tea or black tea, you may also need a Zisha Teapot

Meticulous workmanship, three-dimensional relief patterns, delicate and exquisite. 


SizeDia 15.5cm  * H 8cm

Origin: Fujian, China


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