Light Up Your Master Bedroom With Fresh Ideas For Lights in Bedroom

Light Up Your Master Bedroom With Fresh Ideas For Lights in Bedroom

Light up your master bedroom with fresh ideas that go beyond recessed ceiling lighting. Add a slew of new choices for accent lights, mood lights, and more that will give the space a whole new look.

Bedrooms need three levels of light for optimum functionality: ambient, task, and accent. This blog highlights some of the best ideas for lights in bedrooms that offer style and function.

1. Mood Lighting

If you’re looking to make a design statement with your bedroom lighting, it’s all in the details. From wall sconces to chandeliers, these lighting ideas have the power to change the feel of your room in an instant. Rather than simply illuminating the space, these lights can transform the room into a beautiful and relaxing sanctuary that’s just as much for sleeping in as it is for entertaining friends or escaping into a good book.

Choosing the right mood lighting can be as simple as a sconce or as intricate as a full-blown crystal chandelier. In fact, a mix of all three elements is often the best approach. Layering ambient light with bright task and accent lights on a dimmer allows you to switch up the mood from sunny and bright during the day to warm and cosy as you prepare to sleep at night.

The right bedroom lights can also be a great way to show off your personal style. For example, if you love the mid-century modern look that’s becoming popular, opt for a sconce with geometric shapes that echo the general tone of the style. Or, for a contemporary aesthetic that’s sleek and streamlined, opt for a pendant light with clean lines and a minimal look.

In addition to the ever-popular sconces, recessed downlighters are another option for creating a dramatic effect with your bedroom lighting. With a variety of colours and finishes, these fixtures can fit seamlessly into any type of décor. They can even highlight artwork or a unique architectural feature in your bedroom to add interest and intrigue.

Another fun and unique way to incorporate decorative lighting into your bedroom is with neon signs. These groovy pieces can spell out your favourite word, song lyric, or name and offer a fun way to personalise your space.

If you want to highlight your headboard or other focal point, then accent lighting is the way to go. These fixtures are ideal for highlighting artwork, architectural features, or even the texture of your walls. They can be installed on the ceiling or hung on a wall to draw attention to a specific area of your room.

2. Task Lighting

Unlike more public spaces like the living room, bedrooms are a place for figurative and literal warmth. Lighting is a key component for creating that cosy vibe and can help you carve out reading or relaxation nooks. Bedrooms are also an ideal spot to try bolder colours or unique sculptural fixtures you may be hesitant to bring into other areas of the house.

For a simple yet effective bedroom lighting idea, opt for a wall lamp or nightstand lamp in a warm shade of yellow. It will instantly add a pop of colour that ties the room together while doubling as a handy reading light. This look is a great option if you're not ready to commit to a new headboard or bed frame but want to refresh your space without spending a lot of money.

Another practical and decorative bedroom lighting idea is to go with a ceiling fan that incorporates a light. This semi-flush mount style fixture is an excellent choice for smaller rooms and offers a sleek, minimalist look that fits with many decor styles. Opt for a model with wood blades or brushed nickel finishes to create the most stylish look.

If you don't have enough room for a full chandelier, another popular option is to cluster pendant lights together. This stylish approach looks beautiful in large bedrooms and offers a unique alternative to the standard single pendant over the bed.

A more classic lighting option is to use a floor or table lamp as a bedside light. It's a perfect way to draw attention to a focal point, like a painting or mirror, and it adds a more intimate feel. It's also an ideal choice for a small space that can't accommodate a full bedroom set.

While one format can work well for some settings, it's often impossible to find a lighting solution that does everything for every room. For example, you'll probably need a bright general light for the overall room, along with a focused reading lamp. Make sure your room has both of these types of lights, and consider installing dimmers so you can adjust the brightness based on your mood or activity.

3. Accent Lighting

If you love a pop of colour in your bedroom scheme but don’t want to paint or wallpaper, add the colour through your lighting. Here, a yellow lamp and wall light from Pooky pop against the grey walls and green headboard to create a bright but restful space. To reduce glare, choose bulbs with blue light-blocking technology that still provide the colour you crave.

ambient lighting

Layering Different Types of Lighting

When designing a room, the layers of lighting are crucial for crafting depth, warmth, and versatility. In bedrooms, that means having a mix of ambient, task, and accent lights. A mix of fixtures will ensure that there are no dark corners and that you have enough light for reading, applying makeup, or simply relaxing.

Begin with the foundation, which is usually the ceiling fixture or flush-mount lights that offer general illumination. For bedrooms, this may be a chandelier that adds a cool sculptural element to the room or recessed lights for a sleek, minimalist look.

Then add a layer of task lighting with sconces or table lamps that can be used to read, write, or apply makeup. For more versatility, consider choosing models that use LED bulbs for reduced glare and lower energy costs.

And finally, you can use accent lighting to highlight features like wall art, memorabilia, or a favourite plant or piece of furniture. You can also use candles to achieve this effect, though be sure that they are fitted with blue light-blocking technology for your sleep health.

For a modern bedroom, you might opt for a pendant light suspended on either side of the bed, creating a pretty symmetrical feature in the space. Or for a more traditional decorating scheme, try hanging a classic-design wall lamp with a silk or glass shade in a colour that matches the scheme.

You can also introduce a layer of mood lighting with portable can lights that can be placed on tables or behind furniture to create a dramatic effect. This can be particularly effective if you're trying to sell your home and want to showcase your style.

4. Ambiance Lighting

When it comes to bedroom lighting, balance is key. It's important to layer in a mix of ambient, task, and accent lights to illuminate the whole room as well as specific areas like reading nooks or dressing tables. Using a variety of styles will also help create a layered look and allow you to adjust the level of luminosity depending on your mood or activity.

Ambient lighting, also known as general lighting, provides a soft pool of light for the space to amplify a calming atmosphere. It can be achieved with ceiling lights such as chandeliers or flush mounts, as well as wall sconces and LED strip lights. This type of lighting can also be used to accentuate design features such as alcoves and artwork.

For example, a pair of Orangme lamps on a nightstand adds a chic touch to a minimalistic bedroom scheme. This style of lamp combines the classic table lamp shape with a modern aesthetic and is available in a range of sizes and finishes.

glass desk lamp

Another bedroom lighting idea is to use an open-shade pendant that will create a low pool of light around the bed. These lights are perfect for a midcentury modern or bohemian bedroom scheme, and the open shade allows you to introduce a new design element or continue a colour theme.

If you don't have room for bedside lamps, consider hanging a striking pendant from the ceiling on each side of your bedroom to provide balanced and attractive bedroom lighting. This will also free up space on the nightstand for other decor items such as vases, books, and photo frames.

Task lighting is precise and tailored to facilitate a particular activity, such as reading or writing. It's a must-have for bedrooms, especially when you want to stay up late and catch up on a good book or write down your morning to-do list. Bedside reading lamps are ideal for this, but there are also many other options, including floor lamps, mirror lights, and recessed lighting for the walls and ceilings. Strip lights and spotlights are also excellent choices for highlighting artwork, architectural details, or the texture of your bedroom wall.

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