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Handmade Round Woven Storage Baskets - Set of 3

Handmade Round Woven Storage Baskets - Set of 3

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Beautifully crafted from natural woven fibers, this 3-piece collection of round storage baskets adds an elegant touch to any home. Perfect for any room in the house, they provide a stylish and durable option for keeping items organized and clutter-free. Their solid construction and round shape lend a timeless, classic look to any décor that will never go out of style. 


Small diameter 20*7.5CM
Medium diameter 22*9CM
Large diameter 26*10.5CM

Material: Vietnamese autumn rattan
Features of autumn rattan: soft inside and soft outside, very suitable for weaving household utensils and handicrafts.

Unique exotic ethnic customs, low-carbon materials,

It has a wide range of uses, is not suitable for insects, and is not easy to break after a long storage time.

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