Would you like a cup of tea chapter 1

Would you like a cup of tea chapter 1

You are deserving of a nicer cup of tea. Indeed, you are deserving of the finest cup of tea. Simply follow these simple steps to make every cup perfect.


Tea sachets
Bring the water to a boil* and pour it over the tea as soon as it reaches that temperature. Over-boiling will cause oxygen to be reduced, making the tea taste 'flat'. Use 1 tea bag or 1 teaspoon loose tea per cup (6 oz.). Steep the tea for the time shown on the chart to the right.

Never evaluate tea based on its color. Color appears faster, but flavor takes a little longer to develop. Give enough time to steep to thoroughly extract the greatest flavor. To taste, adjust the amount of tea and the steeping time. "The best cup of tea is the one you prefer."

Temperature and time
Start with freshly drawn cold water, whether you prefer your tea bagged or loose. If using a teapot, first fill it with hot water and then pour it out. And, of course, make sure your mugs, teapot, and kettle are spotless.


Recommended Brew Times

 Tea Type Brew Time
Black 3-5 mins
Chai 3-5 mins
Green 2 mins
Herbal 3-4 mins
Red 3-4 mins
Oolong 2-3 mins
White 1-2 mins
Cold Brewed Iced Tea 3-5 mins


Reduce the brew time for a milder tea flavor.
Increase the brewing time for a stronger tea flavor.

While milk and sugar are personal preferences, we believe that some of our mixes benefit from a little extra sweetness or creaminess. Pour the milk into the cup first, then add the tea. Rather than allowing the tea to heat the milk, this allows the milk to chill it.


Tea Sommelier Tip:

Don't leave tea leaves in water after steeping since it makes the tea bitter. To avoid this, use a tea infuser inside a teapot to separate the tea leaves from the water after the initial pour, or make just enough tea and drain out every last drop to ensure there is no water left in the teapot.

Make use of loose tea.
Tea in tea bags is the residual broken fragments, or "tea dust," recovered after processing tea. That doesn't seem too appealing, does it? A high-quality tea is made from rolled entire tea leaves. As the tea steeps, it will unfurl in the water, allowing you to see the entire leaf.

Warm up the teapot.
This is a critical step in ensuring that the tea brews properly in boiling water.

Teapot Set
Make tea in a teapot set, it facilitates the unfolding and steeping of the tea leaves.


You may using a zisha teapot to reach a more pure and real taste for Oolong tea, Black tea and Pu'er tea. 

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