What to Put on a Bedside Table

What to Put on a Bedside Table

A bedside table shouldn’t just be functional and practical, but beautiful as well. But what should you put on it?

A stylish journal to keep track of important things. A plant to purify the air (this aloe beauty does double duty as a trinket tray).

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box for a bedside table. Floating shelves, bar carts, and living room end tables can all work as nightstands.

How tall should a bedside table be?

While the bed may be the star of your room, it’s important to consider the role that bedside tables play. These practical space-savers can make or break your bedroom feng shui. They’re the perfect place to keep a book, a glass of water or a sleep mask, and they can also act as a home for your phone charger, tablet and other electronic items. However, it’s important to choose a nightstand that suits your personal style and bedroom ambiance.

It’s a good idea to aim for a nightstand that is roughly the same height as your bed. A nightstand that is too high can look odd and can be difficult to reach when you’re in bed. It’s also important to avoid a nightstand that is too low, as this can create problems with reaching for things from the comfort of your bed.

When styling your bedside table, keep a limit of three decor moments in mind. This will help to prevent your bedside table from becoming too cluttered. Try to use decor with varying shapes and sizes to add interest to your arrangement. Tall designs like vases and table lamps are great for adding drama, while mid-level accents like photo frames and decorative bowls can be effective as well. Lastly, a few low-profile pieces, like a plant or ornament can add a nice touch of organic beauty to your bedside.

Single sofa bed chair

A single sofa bed chair can be used as a stylish and functional alternative to the typical nightstand. Whether it’s paired with a chaise lounge in your home office or used as a spot to set your reading materials and glass of water before turning off the lights, this versatile piece can add a touch of elegance to any room. To ensure that your sofa bed chairs don’t clash with the other furniture pieces in your room, it is important to choose a design that matches well with the rest of the room.

In addition to matching your bedroom chairs with a nightstand that complements their style, you should also consider the height of the table. The ideal side table should be within 2-3 inches of the end of the sofa or chair it’s placed next to, making it easy for anyone sitting on the sofa or chair to reach the table and turn on a lamp or place their drink.

When it comes to a nightstand, there is a bit more wiggle room, as the height is usually based on the height of the mattress. However, it is still important to find a nightstand that will allow you to access your most frequently used items easily without straining. You can achieve this by finding a nightstand with a shelf that is tall enough to fit your books or an etagere with open sides that will provide ample storage space for decorative items like frames and vases.

Small wooden bench

A well-stocked and beautifully styled bedside table might not be the secret to a good night’s sleep, but it certainly doesn’t hurt. From true essentials like a book light and alarm clock to luxe, treat-yourself items such as a silk sleep mask and scented candle, there’s nothing quite like a neat, tidy bedside table to encourage peaceful slumber.

Before you start organising your nightstand, clear the clutter by tossing anything that’s no longer needed. Aim to keep only the most useful accessories on the top of your table, including a book light, a bedside lamp and an alarm clock. You may want to include a framed photo or two for some visual interest, but be sure not to overcrowd the surface.

Drawer organisation is also key for a well-functioning bedside table. Use drawer dividers to separate small items, such as lotions, lip balm and tissues. You can also include a drawer for any crafts you enjoy at night, such as knitting or writing.

Tossing in some textured accents adds dimension to your bedroom, transforming a simple bedside table into an effective design statement. Vary the size of your accents for impact – tall designs such as lamps and vases create height, while decorative bowls and trays offer flattering low-profile options. Aim to match the colour of your table to the hues of your accents – contrasting colours can create a block colour effect, while lighter tones highlight a cabinet’s detailing.

Chest of drawers

A bedside table is a must-have if you need to set an alarm clock, enjoy a glass of water or read in bed before falling asleep. It also helps to keep all your essential items within reach, so you can access them quickly. You can also use a bedside chest for extra storage.

A sculptural or decorative element is a great way to add interest to your nightstand. A decorative lamp, a vase of flowers or a decorative bowl can be the perfect focal point for your arrangement. You can also opt for a double-duty piece like a trinket tray to keep your jewelry and other small items organized.

Alternatively, you can go for an unconventional bedside table, such as a vintage chest or bar cart. These pieces offer a more stylish look and take up less space, which can be ideal in smaller rooms. However, you should avoid choosing a table with a depth larger than 24” to prevent bumping your head into it when you shin up or down the bed.

In addition, the size of your bed should be considered before selecting a nightstand. A king-sized bed requires a bigger table than a queen-sized mattress, as the surface area will be larger. A narrow bedside table can work for a queen-sized bed, but it is important to make sure that the height of the table is equal to the height of the headboard.

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