What are Lumens

What are Lumens, and How Many Do I Need?

Whether you're selecting lighting for a warehouse, retail store, or office, understanding how to measure and quantify light is crucial.

How to Measure Light

Light output is typically measured in lumens (lm), which indicates the brightness of a light source. One lumen is equivalent to the light produced by one candle. While it might seem unconventional to measure modern LED lights this way, it provides a standardized unit to compare different lighting options.

For example, a recessed can light that emits 800 lumens is as bright as 800 candles, without any fire risk.

Lumens vs. Footcandles

While lumens measure light output, footcandles (fc) measure the amount of light that actually reaches a surface. Specifically, one footcandle is the amount of light produced by one candle at a distance of one foot. This measurement helps determine how well a space is illuminated based on where the light is directed.

Determining Your Lighting Needs

The amount of lumens required depends on the space's function and size. A conference room, for instance, needs less light compared to a large warehouse. Understanding these needs ensures you choose lighting that's both effective and efficient for your specific application.

By considering lumens and understanding how they translate into actual light output with footcandles, you can make informed decisions when selecting lighting fixtures for any environment.

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