Lighting and Health: Physical Wellness

Lighting and Health: Physical Wellness

The best choice for making any room more brilliant is to join lighting aesthetics with functionality. You want light fixtures that complement your interior design, but you also need light sources that facilitate your family’s favorite activities while supporting physical health and well-being.

The effects of lighting on your family’s health are huge. In fact, along with proper nutrition and exercise, light is one of the biggest factors that affect physical health.

But how do you know which types of light bulbs have the most positive effects on physical health? The pros at TCP have a deep understanding of light, especially when it comes to the relationship between LED lighting and health, from our decades of designing and manufacturing high-quality LED options.

We’ve put together valuable information for you on the effects of LED lighting on health and well-being, plus some tips for elevating your home’s look while protecting the vigor of both your family and your wallet.

How Lighting and Health Work Together

Whether you’re a night owl or an early bird, your sense of wakefulness is influenced by light. That’s because of our circadian rhythm — aka the natural 24-hour cycle inside us that responds to environmental cues like daylight to inspire actions like eating, sleeping or exercising.

The total amount of light you’re exposed to in a day has effects on physical health, but the color and temperature of lighting can also make a difference.

Let’s first look at three major ways your physical health can be impacted by the lighting you experience. Then we’ll dive into the ways LED lighting affects the quality of illumination in your home, which can make a big difference in your family’s physical well-being.

Effects of Lighting on Physical Health


Getting enough sleep every night can be a real struggle. Living in a dimly lit environment only makes it worse. Alongside strategies like keeping a consistent bedtime and limiting screen views before bed, making sure you’re exposed to plenty of daylight can help rack up those zzz’s. Studies have shown that the more light-filled your days are, the better you’ll sleep.


Most of us have more difficulty seeing in the dark than we do in the light. But does that mean you should just stock your home with more light fixtures? Not necessarily because the wrong kind of light can also impede your vision. You’ve likely heard about the blue light that emits from digital devices and how it can cause eye strain and headaches. Warm vs. cool lighting can alter the ambience in a room, but it can also affect how well you can see for activities like reading and food prep. And some bulb types, like fluorescents, can cause eye strain, increased stress levels and headaches.


If you’re not exposed to much daylight, your body will have trouble producing sufficient vitamin D. This nutritional powerhouse helps keep our bones strong while reducing risks for heart disease, obesity and other maladies. It also helps keep our mood on the positive side, warding off seasonal depression and other emotional difficulties that have dire effects on physical health.

LED Lighting Effects on Health and Well-Being

LED lighting and health go together like sunny days and a happy attitude. Whether it’s due to their energy efficiency, their versatility or their lack of toxic chemical components — which is one reason Led Standing Lamp — the effects of LED lighting on health and well-being are manyfold.

Here are three ways LED lights can elevate your home while supporting your family’s physical health and aligning with your values:

Take Control Over Your Environment

One of the smartest ways to combine lighting and health in your home is to choose light bulbs that mimic natural daylight. Bring the healthy, bright glow of sunlight into your house with LED Outdoor Wall Lights. We put our cutting-edge technology to work in these beauties to emit comfortable, even light from the full spectrum while eliminating any spikes of harmful blue light. The result is a well-lit space that helps improve focus and clarity while delivering positive effects on physical health. They’re available in a range of sizes, shapes and wattages that let you take control of your home’s lighting environment like never before.

Replace Light Bulbs Less Often and More Safely

As you relearn how to read a modern light bulb box, you’ll see a projected period of LED bulb usefulness noted alongside terms like lumens, Kelvins and Color Rendering Index. Those notations will help you select appropriate brightness for your home — and take some time making a thoughtful choice because those LEDs will last a lot longer than old-fashioned incandescents. How much longer? An incandescent light bulb has a lifespan of about a year whereas an LED bulb can keep effectively illuminating for 20 years or more. That means you’ll have to replace them much less often, which is particularly helpful in hard-to-reach fixtures in stairwells and high-ceilinged rooms. You can also say goodbye to safety concerns about toxic chemicals like mercury causing negative effects on health because LEDs are mercury free.

Save Your Wallet and Our Shared Planet

Trying to save money doesn’t always have great effects on your physical health — a quick price comparison between fresh vegetables and fast food proves the point. But the positive effects of LED lighting on health and well-being actually do extend to your wallet. LED lights use a fraction of the energy that other bulbs do, which translates to lower utility bills for a higher quality of illumination. You’ll also save money because you won’t have to buy replacement bulbs as often. While you’re enjoying those brilliant savings, you’re also doing a solid for our shared planet. Lights that are Energy Star certified, Dark Sky compliant and the best choice for promoting positive effects on physical health for your family and Mother Earth.

Improve Your Physical Health With TCP

Ready to bring high-quality lighting and health together in your home? Find light bulbs and introduce your family to the many positive effects of LED lighting on health and well-being today.

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