FLOS 2097/50 Chandelier

FLOS 2097/50 Chandelier

This is the largest chandelier in this series, and it perfectly fits high-ceiling rooms in private homes as well as hotel hallways and reception areas. It provides diffused light and is a true design piece that will impress your guests.

Gino Sarfatti created 2097/50 in 1958 for the upscale lighting company Flos, and it fascinates with its distinctively majestic expressive power. The chandelier combines industrial components with a mid-century attitude and is available in different sizes and colour finishes.

FLOS 2097/50 Lighting

Brand story

The Italian designer Gino Sarfatti was a master of lighting. His design of the 2097 chandelier revolutionised the industry in 1958. It has since become a classic and is one of the most popular chandeliers on the market today. It’s a statement piece that will make your home stand out from the rest. Whether you have a high ceiling or a smaller room, this chandelier will fit perfectly.

The chandelier’s recognisable features are the slender tubes that hold the bulbs. The 2097 is available with 18, 30, or 50 light sources that work together to provide diffused and indirect light. The chandelier has a neat industrial look that suits modern decor styles. The contrast of sharp details and organised chaos reveals Sarfatti’s innovative approach to lighting design.

Flos Lighting

Founded in 1962, FLOS is an international company based in Merano, Italy. The brand is committed to experimenting with new designs and materials, resulting in contemporary luminaires that are both functional and beautiful. Their designs are featured in many major museums around the world, including the MoMA in New York. The company has collaborated with a number of designers, including Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, Tobia Scarpa, Jasper Morrison, and Philippe Starck.

In addition to its own collections, the company also offers a wide selection of custom-made lights. This makes it easy to find the perfect fit for your space. Their products are made from the highest-quality materials, and they have a variety of different finishes to choose from.

The Flos 2097 is a great choice for a dining room, foyer, living room, or entrance. It can be used in residential and commercial spaces. The 2097 chandelier will transform any room into a dramatic focal point. It is also a good choice for restaurants and hotels.

The 2097 chandelier is available in a glossy chrome or brass finish, and the ceiling bracket and rose are made of steel. This tasteful pendant lamp is dimmable using a phase-cut or triac dimmer. It can be used with either clear or matte light bulbs. The lighting effect is slightly modified if the light bulb is clear or matte, but it still has a clean, minimalistic aesthetic.

Product itself

Gino Sarfatti created the 2097 chandelier in 1958, and it has since evolved into an iconic ultra-modern interpretation of the conventional midcentury chandelier. The design has a minimalist approach to its elements, using a central steel structure with narrow tubes that hold each of the bulb holders. It has a beautiful mirror-polish finish to its main structure, and graceful wiring meanders down the stem. The chandelier holds 18, 30, or 50 bulbs and emits indirect light. It also has a ceiling fitting and suspension cable.

flos 2097/50 serie

This chandelier is suitable for use in residential and commercial spaces. It is an ideal option for a living room or dining room where you want to add a touch of luxury to your home. Its modern finish and geometric lines make it an eye-catching addition to any space, whether you are looking for a contemporary or more classic style. It is also a great option for commercial spaces such as restaurants or reception areas.

The 2097 chandelier is available in several different finishes, including brass, sliver, and matte black. It can be used with standard E27 light sources or LED light sources. If you are using LED light sources, we recommend that you use the larger versions of this chandelier, as they have slightly larger bulbs.

FLOS is a world-renowned lighting company with a rich history of designing innovative and functional lights. Its collections include works by legendary designers like the Castiglioni brothers, Tobia Scarpa, Philippe Starck, and Marcel Wanders. Founded in 1962, the company is committed to researching new lighting technologies and materials to create groundbreaking designs that push the boundaries of light art.

Known for its high-concept lighting fixtures, FLOS' pieces often feature in television shows and movies. The company's lights have even lit holy sites in Italy and can be found in the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. Its products are also frequently used in fashion shows and other events.


If you are looking for a chandelier with an industrial style, the 2097/50 is the right choice. It can be used in many different types of rooms, from the kitchen to the living room. It has 50 light sources and can be customised with either clear or frosted lamps. The lamp is also available with a total white finish, which gives it a modern look and is a good choice for contemporary interiors.

flos 2097 chandelier

The chandelier has a central tube with narrow tubes attached to it, each holding a bulb holder. The lights cast indirect light and give a constellation effect. The chandelier is hung from the ceiling with a suspension cable. It is a unique design that stands out from other chandeliers, even more so than its predecessors.

Gino Sarfatti was not one to follow rules or abide by traditions when it came to his designs. With the 2097/50 chandelier, he revolutionised chandelier design by turning the light sources into decorative elements. He was a master at combining industrial components with mid-century prose and attitude, and his designs still fascinate today.

Founded in 1962, FLOS is an Italian lighting company that uses experimentation and intuition to create high-concept, quality designer fixtures. Their products have become icons of the industry and can be found in some of the world's most influential museums and design galleries. They work with a number of designers, including Philippe Starck, Giacomo Castiglioni, and Tobia Scarpa.

The company's philosophy is based on the belief that lighting is more than just a basic need. They believe that light is a form of art and are constantly pushing the boundaries of lighting technology with innovative designs and techniques.

With a wide range of products, the company offers everything from lamps to wall sconces and floor-standing pieces. Its fixtures are made of steel and come in various finishes, including black, brass, or chrome. They can be used in both residential and commercial spaces.

The company is headquartered in Merano, Italy, and is a global player in the lighting industry. The company has a broad portfolio of lighting solutions and has over 80 stores worldwide. In addition to their own brands, they distribute a variety of products from other international brands.


FLOS creates high concept lighting fixtures that serve as works of art. The company's philosophy, known as the FLOSophy, emphasizes experimentation and intuition in its designs. This has led to many successful collaborations with designers like Patricia Urquiola, Paolo Rizzatto, and Philippe Starck. Their lighting has become iconic in the world of contemporary design, and their pieces are featured on television shows and movies. Among their most famous products are the Arco Floor Lamp seen in Diamonds are Forever, and the Parentesi Suspension Lamp that challenges perspective.

flos chandelier

The 2097 chandelier features a series of slender brass arms that hold each bulb in place, creating a unique visual effect. The design is available in multiple sizes to accommodate varying spaces. The smallest version, the 2097/18, is perfect for small interiors while the 50 and 75 variations can be used in larger spaces that require a focal point.

Each variation of the 2097 chandelier features a different finish. The chromium-plated model is ideal for modern interiors and offers a classic chandelier aesthetic. The black and gold options provide a more traditional look, while the white finish offers a sleek appearance. Each chandelier has a steel ceiling fitment and rose to complete the modern design.

Whether you choose a chrome, black, or golden finish for your 2097 chandelier, it will make an elegant statement in your home. The slender branches and bright bulbs will stand out against your backdrop, creating a visual feast for the eyes. The 2097 chandeliers also come in different sizes to suit your needs.

The 2097 chandelier is a beautiful addition to any space, but it's most effective in large rooms. Its asymmetrical design makes it an eye-catching centrepiece, and it can be hung above the dining room table or coffee table to suffuse the area with pleasant ambient light. It's also a great choice for entryways or hallways. When paired with warm furniture, the 2097 chandelier can create a luxurious feel in your home. The brass version of the 2097 chandelier is especially dazzling and will help to brighten your space.

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