Art Deco Wall Lights

Art Deco Wall Lights

Adding an Art Deco light to your home brings a touch of classic style. Featuring distinct lines, these fixtures are influenced by technological advancements and archaeological finds.

These lighting options work well for ambient and task-oriented layering. They also look beautiful with other contemporary styles. Explore this collection of Art Deco wall lights for an alluring aesthetic in any room.

Art Deco Sconces

Streamlined art deco wall sconces bring an elegant feel to any room in your home. These decorative accents can be used in pairs for a symmetrical lighting experience or alone to add a touch of the 1920s to your décor. The geometric shapes and symmetrical details of art deco lamps are inspired by the machine age, and the style also draws on classical themes for an intriguing mix of modernism and nostalgia.

Whether you’re looking for an art deco bathroom light or an elegant pair of sconces to flank your sofa, the wide variety of styles available at Orangme makes it easy to find the perfect fit. Featuring pieces made from a range of materials, including brass and crystal, you can choose the size, finish, and style to suit your home.

While many people associate art deco with the 1920s, the lighting design styles of this period actually stretch back much further. The 1920s saw an increased interest in archaeology, and artefacts from ancient Egypt, Greece, and Aztec cultures influenced designers in a big way. Consequently, the Art Deco style isn’t just a retro look, but one that’s truly timeless.

For a contemporary twist on the classic Art Deco style, consider this Venus geometric sconce with 4 arcylic shades. The light is finished in satin nickel for a sleek and sophisticated look, and it’s ideal as a bedside fixture or to highlight the wall behind your bed. ADA-compliant, this light can be hardwired for easy installation and features a TRIAC dimming system for ultimate control.

Pendant Lighting

A more simple option than a chandelier with multiple arms, pendant lighting features a single bulb beneath a shade that hangs from the ceiling. They can wash an entire room in a soft glow or focus bright light on specific objects, such as a sink on a kitchen island or family photos on a living room credenza. Available in an endless array of shapes and styles, these fixtures can be used to create a focal point in any space.

The style of a pendant fixture depends largely on the shade and finish. Clear glass diffuses light evenly and works well in any setting, while metals with reflective finishes create more dramatic illumination. When choosing a fixture, make sure it matches your style preferences and the colour scheme of your home.

One of the most important considerations when selecting a pendant is its height. Generally speaking, they should be hung no lower than 7 feet from the floor and no higher than 30 inches above work surfaces. If you have a high ceiling, consult a professional to determine how low or tall your fixture should be.

Another factor to consider when selecting a pendant is its energy efficiency. Many models use LED bulbs that offer significant savings on your utility bill. Others are smart and compatible with other appliances in your home, giving you the ability to control the brightness of your pendant through a connected device or even your voice.

Table Lamps

Table lamps bring the opulence and style of art deco into the home in a more subtle way. Whether you’re looking for a decorative accent or a functional statement piece, our collection of art deco lamps is sure to have something that suits your taste.

Deco table lamps often feature bold geometric shapes and sleek silhouettes. They can be used alone or in pairs to create a symmetrical design, and they work well for reading nooks and living rooms. Art deco lamps can also add a glamorous touch to bedrooms and baths.

Despite their streamlined appearance, these elegant lamps often utilize exotic materials such as palm wood and tinted shagreen. The 'Victoire 2' lamp by Rene Lalique, for example, is an exquisite example of the refined elegance that characterized art deco glasswork.

As a design movement that was influenced by — and reacted against — earlier design styles, art deco incorporated elements of both modernism and Art Nouveau. For instance, it rejected the flowery organic forms of Art Nouveau but embraced straight lines and geometry.

One of the best aspects of art deco lighting is that it still looks modern and contemporary 100 years after its inception. Its symmetrical lines and geometric shapes make it a popular choice for homes that fully embrace the style as well as those that want to add a hint of retro flair to their modern or transitional interior decor.

Outdoor Lighting

Bringing a glamorous and sophisticated look to the exterior of your home, art deco outdoor lighting offers both function and design. These fixtures adorn entryways and illuminate pathways, adding safety and security while illuminating the landscape around your home at night. Modern art deco lighting mirrors the trends of the 1920s and 1930s, with streamlined geometric patterns and simplified shapes. The materials used in these pieces - from deluxe ivory and crystal to polished brass, bronze, nickel and black - can vary, with some finishes offering a more classic look while others are built for durability against the elements.

Many pieces are influenced by Futurism and Cubism, two artistic movements that celebrated the machine age. Some designers incorporated sleek and chrome-plated finishes in their designs, while others were inspired by the aerodynamic shapes of airplanes and automobiles. The resulting fixtures - from angular and boldly colored wall sconces to the massive chandeliers that graced the lobby of New York's Chrysler Building - are both functional and beautiful.

Outdoor lights differ based on their intended purpose, with wall sconces and ceiling lights acting as accent lighting while also highlighting artwork or objects. Bollard and path lights illuminate walkways, allowing you to move around the yard or patio safely at night, while landscape lights can highlight your flower and shrubbery and help you create the right ambiance for your space. When selecting outdoor lights, always check the location rating for damp or wet to ensure the fixture can be used in areas where it may get exposed to moisture.

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