Japanese Floor Lamp

A Japanese Floor Lamp Is a Great Addition to Any Home

For those who love minimalist elegance and serene decor, a Japanese floor lamp is an excellent addition to any home. These stunning wood-and-paper lantern lamps will illuminate your space with a warm and inviting glow, and their unique lampshades allow you to direct light in any direction you want.

From the popular akari lamps (remember Troye Sivan’s dreamy Architectural Digest home video?) to contemporary versions, Orangme offers a wide selection of stylish Japandi lamps.

Japanese Floor Lamp

Japandi Style

The Japandi style blends the principles of Scandinavian minimalism with Japanese concepts like wabi-sabi and hygge to create a cozy, harmonious design. A popular choice for American homeowners, Japandi lighting features natural materials and neutral tones that are easily incorporated into any living space.

The most important aspect of Japandi lighting is the use of natural materials that provide warmth and organic beauty. Wood, rattan, paper, and bamboo are popular choices for furniture and decorative elements, and they perfectly complement the minimalistic design of Japandi fixtures. Minimalistic design is also key, so look for lighting fixtures that have clean lines and simple forms.

Ambient lighting is a necessity for any home, and the right floor lamp can play an important role in establishing a warm and inviting atmosphere in a Japandi-style space. Choose a lamp with a wide shade that diffuses light to create a soft, warm glow. This type of lighting can help establish a calming, comforting environment that encourages relaxation and meditation.

You should also consider identifying any areas where you require focused lighting. This could include reading nooks or workspaces, and you can then use accent lights to illuminate these focal points. For example, recessed lights, picture lights, and directional sconces can be used to highlight decorative objects, artwork, and indoor plants. Our curated collection of Japandi-inspired lighting includes a variety of versatile designs, allowing you to effortlessly integrate this sophisticated aesthetic into your home.

Japanese Wabi-Sabi Chandelier

Inspired by the Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi, which emphasizes beauty in imperfection and simplicity, this unique chandelier collection is a must-have for homes looking to elevate their ambiance with a natural feel, each design offers a distinct look that is both beautiful and one-of-a-kind.

The Zen Stone Pendant Light is a gorgeous ceiling light, crafted with meticulous care, it features a handcrafted stone pendant light, designed to evoke a deep sense of Zen. With its refined aesthetic and soothing illumination, this chandelier is the perfect addition for bringing a touch of sophistication to any room.

Japanese Wabi-Sabi Chandelier

A perfect way to add a sophisticated and minimalistic touch to your home, this chandelier is ideal for any living room, entrance, dining room or bedroom. The natural finish of this light will bring warmth and elegance to your interiors, adding a refined and cozy ambiance to any space. 

Japanese Table Lamp

A beautiful blend of traditional handcraft and modernist form, a Japanese table lamp creates a soft warm glow that infuses Asian grace into your home. These lamps are made from different kinds of materials, like bamboo, rice paper, and other soft materials, that allow a gentle light to illuminate your room. They are also framed with an iron body bracket to give them a more sturdy structure.

Japanese Table Lamp

The best part about these lamps is that they are a perfect fit for any kind of room decor. They can be paired with any kind of design style, from modern to mid-century, and even with traditional elements as well. If you want a more elaborate design, go for porcelain Japanese lamps. These usually feature ornate earth-tone embellishments and crackle glaze finishes. They also come in a variety of heights that you can choose from depending on the size of the bedside table or console table where you plan to place it.

Then there are the Hachikana Japanese lantern lamps, which have a rustic finish and a hand-carved wood base that adds an elegant touch to any room. These are a great choice for a rustic or southwestern design, and they look beautiful in a room with wood or stone elements.


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