Quirky Home Decor

Choosing Quirky Home Decor for Your Living Room and Dining Room

Quirky home decor offers a creative slant to your space. Whether it's a wonky vase or ladder that adds an unexpected focal point, these ideas make your room feel fresh and fun.

Use quirky elements, like a themed room, to add personality and character. Alternatively, consider creating your own DIY art pieces to display in your home.

Living room lights

Living room lights

When choosing lighting for your living room, consider the functions you and your family perform in the space. Make a list of these activities, as well as any features you want to highlight, like art or an alcove. Once you have this information on hand, it's time to start planning your light fixture layout.

For example, if you plan to include a fireplace in the living area, opt for a flush-mount ceiling light that's warm-colored. This type of fixture complements a wood-accented fireplace and adds an inviting feel to the overall ambience. If you opt for a chandelier, mix up the style with sconces hung on either side of the fireplace or mantel. This way, you can create a balanced look without having to install two identical fixtures.

Finally, a floor lamp or tall standing fixture can offer additional ambient light. These lights can be a great accent to an eclectic room design and also take up less floor space than larger fixtures. They're especially useful for open-plan living spaces where a standard table lamp might not be possible due to limited space or architecture.

To complete your living room lighting scheme, add a touch of mood with the help of dimmers. This allows you to alter the ambience with the flick of a switch, catering to the vibe of any occasion or mood you're trying to set.

Table lamps for living room

Table lamps for living room

Table lamps for living rooms create a warm glow and add ambiance to a room. They also provide task lighting and help you avoid eye strain when reading or watching TV. With an array of styles and designs to choose from, you can find a lamp that complements your decor and fits your space.

Choosing the right type of table lamp is an important decision when decorating your home. You want to ensure that the lamp is appropriate for your living room and that it meets your lighting needs. Generally, the height of your lamp should be around eye-level when you sit in a chair or sofa. You also want to make sure that the lamp is not too tall or too short for the table it will be placed on.

If you prefer a modern design, opt for sleek table lamps that have a simple base and a clean white shade. For example, the Forget-Me-Not lamp by Currey and Company is a contemporary take on traditional style with its drum shade and unique base.

Alternatively, you can try out a more rustic look with a wood table lamp for your living room. Rustic table lamps feature a natural colour and texture that bring a cosy, earthy feel to your living room. You can even find lamps that incorporate other materials into their design. For example, a gold metal lamp can be used to add an elegant touch to a room.

Ceiling lamps for living room

Ceiling lamps for living room

Funky home decor encourages a raw expression of individuality, transforming a living room into an exciting canvas that narrates your unique story. This style allows you to experiment with a vibrant colour palette, bringing in bold shades that would be off-limits in more traditional homes. For example, a velvet sofa drenched in audacious hues can be an unexpected centrepiece that instantly stirs admiration. Likewise, a geometrically inspired console or an organically shaped coffee table can add a touch of quirky flair to your space.

The lighting choices you make are a big part of the overall ambiance of your living space. When selecting ceiling lamps for your living room, look for fixtures that complement your existing design and provide the right amount of light. In general, living rooms need about 20 lumens per square foot to properly illuminate the space. A dimmable ceiling lamp allows you to adjust the brightness of your living space at a moment’s notice.

For a dramatic lighting solution, consider choosing a pendant that’s crafted of an organic shape like an eggshell or a sea wave. This trend pairs well with other organic elements, including rattan furniture, for a balanced and modern feel. If you prefer a more minimalist look, opt for a sconce that sits closer to the ceiling. These options are ideal for smaller living spaces, where a chandelier might be too overpowering.

Dining room lights

Dining Room Pendant Light | Bold Modern Illumination

Your dining room lighting is a major part of the overall look of your home. Using innovative lighting ideas, you can create an atmospheric mood that will set the tone for your meal. You can even save money by choosing energy-efficient LEDs that will keep your electricity bill low.

While large pendants and chandeliers are great for creating a focal point, they aren’t the only way to add light to your dining area. Wall sconces, lamps and recessed lights can all provide ambient lighting that balances out the brightness of overhead fixtures. You can also hang a decorative shade that reflects your colour palette. These options are easy to add to your decor and don’t require a costly electrician installation.

A light fixture is a perfect opportunity to show off your sense of style. Take a risk and choose something that is a little outside of the ordinary, such as this stunning branch-inspired fixture, to make a statement in your dining room.

You can also give your dining space a modern update by adding a bar or linear pendant that combines multiple lights into one. These lighting designs are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes so you can find one that is just right for your space. Alternatively, you can add a touch of personality to a simple table lamp with an eye-catching shade. You can choose a transparent design to let the light shine through during the day or opt for a bold shade that will add a pop of colour to your room when switched off.

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