Bedtime Buddy: How the Miffy Night Lamp Soothes Kids and Encourages Better Sleep Habits

Bedtime Buddy: How the Miffy Night Lamp Soothes Kids and Encourages Better Sleep Habits

Illuminate your child's dreams with the sweet Miffy Night Lamp. This iconic Dutch storybook character has become a global pop culture icon with more than 200 books, her own feature film & a devoted fanbase.

Mr Maria has sculpted this beautiful little bunny from soft silicone to glow with a warm LED light. It features 6 dimming steps including a night mode and does not heat up, making it child-safe.

Soothes Kids

Miffy lamp from Mr Maria is a sweet light that brings comfort to kids’ rooms. The small LED nightlight has a 3-step dim function and sleep mode, so when it’s time for bed, the lamp will turn off in 20 minutes. It’s easy to use and recharge, with a flat battery (included).

The cute Miffy Night Lamp comes in eye-catching packaging and makes an adorable gift for any occasion. The box depicts a picture of Miffy on the front, while the back shows tech specifications such as wattage and LED system.

This modern take on the iconic Miffy nightlight is made of soft silicone and shines a calming, soothing light. The classic black and white design is so familiar, making it the perfect calming friend to keep close for the night. Use it as a dear companion during the day, cozy lighting for storytime or a safe sleep companion at night.

Miffy’s friends Boris and Lion are also available as soft LED lamps, so you can collect them for a happy display on your kid’s shelf or gift them to friends! The small night lights are rechargeable and have 6 different adjustable brightness settings, including a sleep mode. They are perfect for kids’ rooms, but you can also use them as a travel companion or to add ambience to your nursery.

Miffy Lamp

Encourages Better Sleep Habits

The Miffy Night Lamp is a beautiful addition to any kids bedroom or nursery. It emits a warm, soft glow and helps soothe children to sleep. It’s also perfect for illuminating a cozy corner for story time with family or friends. The rechargable LED light has 6 brightness settings, including a softer night mode to help your child fall asleep. It’s also easy to control with the touch dimmer button on the power cable.

Dick Bruna’s beloved character has become a part of many kids’ lives and is loved worldwide. Now the cute little bunny is even a lovely decor piece in kids rooms and nurseries!

Mr Maria’s Miffy lamps are a wonderful way to add a cheerful presence in your child’s room. This Bundle of Lights set features all their favorite characters from the book – Miffy, Boris and Lion -made of BPA-free soft silicone that doesn’t get hot and a LED light that turns off after 15 minutes.

The night lights are easy to use and recharge with the USB cable provided. They are also lightweight and portable, so they can be taken with you on holidays or sleepovers. They are a great choice for any little Miffy fan and make a lovely gift for friends and family.

Miffy Night Light

Encourages Circadian Rhythms

If your child struggles with sleeping through the night, this is a great product to try. It encourages sleepiness with a soft glow that will help your little one fall asleep and stay asleep through the night. It is easy to switch on and off and can be used in any room of the house. It can also be taken on family holidays or to sleepovers. It is battery-powered and can be recharged at home or on the go.

Made of soft silicone, this Miffy lamp has a gentle glow that is perfect for nurseries and children’s rooms. It is lightweight, rechargable and can be dimmed to the perfect brightness level for babies. It’s also easy to clean and comes with a USB cable.

This adorable Miffy lamp is perfect for anyone who loves the iconic Dutch storybook character. Created by Dick Bruna in the 1950s, Miffy is now a global icon, with over 30 books dedicated to her adventures and a devoted group of fans.

This cute LED lamp is a winner of the Red Dot Design Award and features an easy-to-use touch-sensitive dimmer button. It’s ideal for children who are afraid of the dark, and its calming light can soothe them into a deep sleep. The light is also a good choice for parents who want to teach their children to stay in bed until it’s time for them to wake up.

Promotes Healthy Sleep

The sweet Miffy lamp will make an irresistible addition to any bedroom or baby’s nursery. With a beautiful soft glow, the cute decor piece is safe for babies and children to sit and snuggle up with, promoting healthy sleep habits. Featuring an LED light that can be dimmed, the lamp is rechargeable via USB. Simply use the button on the bottom to select the perfect brightness setting for bedtime, reading or even as a nightlight.

The bestselling book character, known for her confidence and kindness, has become a global phenomenon with over 200 published books and an animated series broadcast worldwide. This adorable Miffy night lamp is a great way to bring this beloved character into your child’s home and will surely become their new favorite sleep companion.

This lovely little nightlight from Mr Maria is shaped in the iconic mold of Miffy, making it a wonderful adornment for kids rooms. The newest version of Miffy First Light is 30 cm high, made from BPA-free soft silicone and features 6 different dimming steps including a night mode. It also has a safety feature that stops the LED from getting hot when in use.

The portable LED light is a must-have for any kid’s room or nursery and will be a joy to take along on vacations and sleepovers. It’s easy to carry around, lightweight and rechargeable.

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