Illan Pendant Light by Zsuzsanna Horvath

Illan Pendant Light by Zsuzsanna Horvath

A pendant light (also known as a drop light or suspender) is a single light fixture hanging from the ceiling. They are commonly used in multiples to hang over kitchen countertops or dinette sets.

Illan is a majestic premier piece designed with a sense of motion in mind, like a hanging art display as symbolic and forthright as it is sculptural. It consists of a very lightweight body made from extremely thin, flexible plywood, densely laser cut along evenly spaced lines.

ILLAN Pendant Light

Designed by Zsuzsanna Horvath

A delicate sculptural light that combines a sense of movement with relaxing diffused lighting. Made from a multitude of thin wooden rings with different diameters, the illan lamp changes shape and volume in step with the slightest movement of air. Illan was designed by the young Hungarian designer Zsuzsanna Horvath and first presented as a prototype at the Salone Satellite last year. Technological innovation, material research, and sustainability converge harmoniously in this captivating design.

Using precise laser cutting technology, Horvath scored equidistant lines through the birch plywood sheets. The result is a complex, three-dimensional form that resembles the annual rings of a tree and is both organic and geometric. The asymmetrical shelving is reminiscent of a floating painting, connecting modern art with coastal vibes and an ambiance that transcends both the space and the individual user.

Taking its name from the Hungarian word for something temporary and fleeting, illan reflects the idea of capturing beauty and enjoying moments before they disappear in the frantic pace of everyday life. Aware of the importance of preserving nature, the illan pendant lamp is made from a combination of FSC-certified wood and an LED light source that generates pleasant and soothing diffused lighting. Its structure is a mix of natural and modern: the slats of the elliptical wooden rings create beautiful geometric patterns, while the transparent nature of the material plays with light and shadow, giving it an ethereal quality.

LED Chandelier


Available in 3 sizes

Technological innovation, research on materials, and sustainability converge in harmony in the Illan pendant light. It consists of a very light body obtained from extremely thin and flexible plywood, laser-cut along densely packed equidistant lines. Wood is a precious and varied material whose unique natural character is expressed in its typical grain. These characteristics are the defining features of this project. Once suspended from the ceiling, it gains volume thanks to gravity and assumes its characteristic shape, which seems to float in the air. The LED light source, perfectly built in, offers very comfortable and relaxing diffuse lighting.

This mesmerising hanging lamp from Luceplan comes in three different sizes. The smallest is perfect for a bedroom or living room, and it can also be used over a dining table. The largest size is suitable for a foyer or reception area in a hotel or restaurant. It is available with either a push/DALI or a phase-cut dimmer.

The wooden rings have a different diameter and are fastened one behind the other to create this unique structure. The way the rings overlap to form the pendant's shape reveals that the design of the ring structure draws inspiration from the annual rings of trees. This is a high-quality designer lamp that will bring an artistic touch to any interior.

Italian Led Chandelier

LED light source

Technological innovation, research on materials, and sustainability flow harmoniously in Illan, a suspension lamp characterised by an extremely light spirit. The body is obtained from extremely thin and flexible multilayer wood, laser-cut according to dense equidistant lines. Wood is a precious and changeable material capable of expressing its natural character through the typical grain, which becomes the distinctive feature of this design. It is also able to generate an immediate emotional impact, thanks to its dimmable LED that creates a very pleasant and relaxing diffuse lighting.

The illan pendant is suspended from the ceiling with sleek holding wires, and its birch finish provides a delicate contrast to its soft sculptural appearance. Illan is a mesmerising light sculpture that adds a touch of art to any contemporary interior setting.

The illan LED pendant from the Luceplan collection is perfect for creating a focal point in modern living spaces. This versatile lighting fixture can be used in multiples to illuminate kitchen countertops, dining tables, or other seating areas. It is also suitable for use in foyers and other public spaces that require functional, effective, yet elegant lighting solutions. When purchasing LED pendants online in Australia, look for brands like Luceplan that prioritise both style and energy efficiency. By selecting a reputable designer brand, you can rest assured that your new pendant will provide years of effective and efficient illumination.

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