Keeping Beauty Alive: Care and Display of Glass and Ceramic Vases

Keeping Beauty Alive: Care and Display of Glass and Ceramic Vases

How to Decorate With Glass Vases

A glass vase elevates the look of any space with its transparent beauty. It is a versatile decoration that complements traditional, modern or contemporary styles.

When shopping for glass vases, consider size, shape, and colour to select the perfect one for your home decor needs. A taller vase can hold long-stemmed flowers, while a wider vase is great for creating a rounded arrangement. A coloured glass vase is an easy way to add a pop of colour and can complement the colours of other flowers or decorative accents on display.

Use glass vases to dress up wooden media consoles and wood cabinets in the living room. Intersperse them with centrepiece bowls, books and trinkets for a coordinated display. For the dining table, mix and match a large and small glass vase with a floral centrepiece bowl for a unique setting. Glass vases are also a great way to store tacks, paper clips, and fasteners on your desk.

Choose from a wide selection of glass vases with unique textures and patterns, including small-mouthed spherical vases with tiny slivers of shimmering gold and one-of-a-kind designer vases featuring hand-blown details. You can decorate them with real or faux flowers to create a festive table centrepiece for a holiday party, or fill them with seasonal branches like holly and evergreens for a natural touch to the home.

Vase Can Provide A Variety Of Styles That Improve Decor

The versatility of ceramic flower vases makes them one of the most desirable decorative ensembles for home, office or commercial use. From a delicately-painted vase for long stems of eucalyptus or tulips to a terracotta vase with organic shapes that play with unbalanced visual weight, they serve many purposes and are more durable than glass vases. They also tend to hold water for a longer period of time, providing an extra layer of protection from moisture damage.

However, the way a vase is crafted can have an effect on its longevity. It's important to find a high-quality vase that goes through premium crafting procedures to ensure its durability and water-resistant qualities. Some vases are low-quality and may become prone to leakage or mould after being exposed to water for a prolonged period of time.

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Whether you're shopping for a hand-thrown piece by a world-renowned ceramic artist or a modern stoneware vase, the materials used in its creation are what define its quality and style. The claybody, glazes and firing temperature all contribute to the final attributes of a vase.

For example, an earthenware vase is typically fired at lower temperatures and has a more porous texture, while stoneware is fired at higher temperatures and has a more dense and less-porous surface. These qualities contribute to the durability of a ceramic vase and allow it to be shaped and carved into unique forms. 

Vase and Display Ideas

There's nothing like a vase to bring natural colour and textural interest to a living room, dining table or sideboard. And whether filled with flowers, branches, leaves or twigs, or simply left empty, the right vase can become a striking focal point of your home decor. At Orangme, we offer a wide variety of glass and ceramic vases in every shape and size. You'll find groupings of vintage and antique vases, as well as modern vases that make a statement on their own.

Displaying a collection of vases is easy to do. Just choose a colour theme, such as blues, greens, or greys and arrange the vases together for a cohesive look. Or, go with a more eclectic approach by mixing and matching vases in different shapes and sizes to create an eye-catching arrangement. Then, add a splash of colour by painting a wall or piece of furniture in a complementary hue to frame your arrangement and draw attention to it.

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Even an empty vase can add interest to a table, sideboard or bookshelf. Especially if it's adorned with pretty, decorative elements such as beads, shells or rocks. You could also add a splash of paint or glue on other decorations to create an unusual, one-of-a-kind vase. For example, a stoneware vase with a half-dipped finish can be transformed into a beachy centrepiece by adding sand and shells at the base. Or, an octagonal glass vase can be adorned with a string of lights for a simple and festive holiday display.

Caring for Glass and Ceramic Vases

When it comes to your favourite vases, proper care helps preserve their beauty and extends their lifespan. With a little TLC, even your most worn vases can look like they came out of the store. The best way to keep your vases in tip-top shape is to clean them regularly.

Start by removing any loose dirt particles with a soft cloth or brush. Next, empty the vase and give it a rinse to remove any remaining water or flower debris. Fill the vase with warm water and add a few drops of mild dish soap, then use your bottle or vase brush to scrub away any residues and stubborn spots. Rinse thoroughly with warm water, then turn the vase upside down to air dry.

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For stains that won't budge with soap and water alone, make a solution of equal parts white vinegar and water and soak the vase for up to an hour. This step can be particularly effective on mineral deposits and hard water stains, as the vinegar's acidity dissolves them.

For glass vases that are especially delicate or contain intricate details, consider having a professional conservator evaluate them before cleaning or polishing. The same applies for heirloom or museum-quality glass. Even the most pristine pieces can suffer irreversible damage if cleaned or polished by a non-expert.

Incorporate these ideas to transform your space with elegance and creativity, making vases the centerpiece of your home decor.

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