How to Style a White Coffee Table

How to Style a White Coffee Table

The key to a well-styled coffee table is variety, both in height and texture. Start with the tallest object first, like a vase or stack of books.

Next, add shorter objects to create a layered aesthetic. This includes items like a marble bowl, a lidded box, or a woven basket. Texture is also important; avoid repetition of finishes.


A staple of coffee table decor, books add height and form to the scene. For a more curated look, choose books that feature a common theme, like floral arrangements, travelling destinations, or signature fashion styles.

Mix in a few decorative objects, like a stack of taper candles or a small trinket dish, to add colour contrast. A small vase filled with a few stems is another option.

If you prefer a minimal style, limit your coffee table to a few curated books and an object with a striking design, like this woven basket. This approach keeps the tabletop from feeling cluttered and allows its neutral colour aesthetic to serve as a backdrop for the rest of your room’s décor.

Sculptural Objects

Add a little extra oomph to your coffee table with sculptural objects that elevate the aesthetic. Decorative items like vases, candle holders, and heirloom pieces make a great choice, but try mixing in a few unique objects, too. This gives the arrangement more depth and creates a dynamic look that's easier on the eyes.

When styling, remember that a coffee table is often seen from all sides. Aim to keep the tallest object in the centre of the table, followed by the shortest objects, such as a book or marble bowl, dish, or lidded box. Then, fill in the gaps with stacked books or ornaments.

Woven Beads

Woven beaded accents work wonderfully on coffee tables, bringing texture and interest. It's important to use them sparingly, as a lot of small items can quickly make the scene feel cluttered. Larger pieces like vases, trinket dishes, and books are better for filling in the gaps.

Decorative trays are a great way to keep things neat and organised. Remember to stick with the rule of three when styling the tray (the book, vase, and plant count as one item). It's also a good idea to have an object on either end of the tray for balance.

Plants & Flowers

Using plants and flowers on your coffee table adds an organic, modern vibe. Even if you aren’t green-thumb (or don’t have the space for real plant life), fake greenery can look chic and add colour and texture to your living room decor.

For a bold coffee table arrangement, select vases in contrasting colours and shapes to create an eye-catching vignette. Try a mix of small or large vases at varying heights, or work with the design principle of three—arranging items in groups of three for balanced compositions. For a subtle touch of colour, add jade plants or succulents to the tablescape. These decorative plants are easy to maintain and will add a fresh, spring feel to your coffee table.


Trays are a practical decor element that can help keep coffee tables clean and organised. The key to using trays is to add them sparingly and only after you have built up a layered look that incorporates other decor elements.

Choose a tray that matches the colour scheme of your living room for a cohesive look. If you want a decorative accent, opt for a shallow bowl, string of beads, small statue, or other object that catches your eye.

Display a collection of vases, planters, or other vessels full of greenery to inject life and height into your coffee table. Just be sure not to overload a tray with plants and flowers, or the style will become too chaotic.


Whether they're lit or not, candles add a sense of warmth and can be an unexpected pop of color in any coffee table decor. Incorporate them into your vignette in unexpected ways, like using a stacked pair to elevate a stack of books or arranging a set next to a sculptural object for an elegant look.

When building a coffee table vignette, start with the tallest object (like a vase of flowers or a stack of books). Then, move on to the shortest item—a marble bowl or dish, a lidded box, or a short candle.

Alternatively, showcase your favorite ceramics or a family heirloom in a decorative holder. Mix up your texture choices by incorporating a brass chain or a soapstone cylinder accessory.

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